The Early Bird Gets the Word

4 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets the Word”

  1. My dearest friend,
    I would say I consider you like a sister to me (easily), so I’d like to claim that I am part of your family that has followed you. Secondly, I find it funny that you found inspiration in my actions that led you to write more because you are a HUGE inspiration in my secret writing life. Your writing makes me want to write more and continues to beg the question: “Why are you not majoring in writing?”I love you, and I love your music, but this is one of your true gifts you must not only share with your 3 followers on a blog someone as un-talented as me can join. Regardless, continue writing so me and whoever those other two are can read your writing and who knows, maybe I’ll start writing more and use the blog I started so I could follow yours haha.

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