If You’re an Introvert, You Should Rush

4 thoughts on “If You’re an Introvert, You Should Rush”

      1. It can be spelled either way. Both extravert and extrovert are correct spellings.
        With regards to the article, I still would not rush because I already think it is kind of difficult to manage with the few friends I do have and it would also take a lot of time (and money) that I do not have and would not enjoy spending. I do think these are valid points, however.

  1. I can totally understand why it might be a good way to make yourself be around people and make friends, I do not believe that Greek life is for everyone, extrovert or introvert. I found other ways of making friends in college that worked for me. I genuinely think I would have absolutely hated Greek life. I think it is a great option for those that want it, but I also think it is a totally valid option to not join a Greek organization for whatever reason a person has.

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