Faraway Family

One thought on “Faraway Family”

  1. I’m on here reading and rereading your blogs so I can do you justice tomorrow. I’ll send you guys the link in Facebook.

    I just want to say I had that itch too. I couldn’t wait to leave Woodstock Ill when I was 18, to get out to college, to see the world, to travel around, to live in a city.

    I’ve been all over the place since I left home: Indianapolis, Chicago, North Carolina, Edinburgh, Scotland, San Juan, Puerto Rico, New York City, Charlottesville and Virginia Beach in Virginia and now back to North Carolina (last time Durham, this time Chapel Hill). Those are just the places I’ve lived because I’ve visited a lot more.

    It was worth it; but it’s been 10 years since I have seen my hometown in person, and my family members who still live there, and old friends from grade school, and the way the square looks when the sun slants in the afternoon. I miss those folks like crazy. And the life I’ve chosen means there’s never enough money to travel, or seldom enough, so I missed a half dozen weddings one year, the birth and several birthdays of a great niece, not to mention countless graduations and birthdays. And I’ve missed spending real time with all of you all too.

    It is a great gift, none greater, to have family you love, and then friends who are like family, and then friends who are loving and supportive as friends. And while it’s kind of a perverse gift to be blessed with a wanderer’s soul, that’s also a wonderful thing.

    You girls are going into the world with a solid base of love from your Mom and Dad and each other and the rest of us, and no matter how far you are from each other, you will always be at home with each other, even on those days when you are physically far away and can feel that ache in your bones to be in the same room.

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